Ezhunnallathu (1991)


Ezhunnallathu (1991)

Ezhunnallathu (1991)

Music Director(s) Johnson
Lyricist(s) ONV Kurup
Director Harikumar
Singer(s) Balagopalan Thampi,KS Chithra,MG Sreekumar

Iniyorugaanavumaay MG Sreekumar Balagopalan Thampi mp3

Kuyilamme [F] KS Chithra Chorus mp3

Kuyilamme [M] MG Sreekumar Chorus mp3

ezhunnallathu malayalam movie songs

Iniyorugaanavumaay MG Sreekumar,Balagopalan Thampi mp3

Kuyilamme [F] KS Chithra,Chorus mp3

Kuyilamme [M] MG Sreekumar,Chorus mp3

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