Bhasuram (1993)


Bhasuram (1993)

bhasuram malayalam movie songs

Music Director(s) SP Venkitesh

Lyricist(s) Bichu Thirumala

Singer(s) KG Markose,KJ Yesudas,KS Chithra,S Janaki

Chaayamaay nin KJ Yesudas KS Chithra mp3

Chippi Poo KJ Yesudas S Janaki mp3

Iniyethra Vasanthangal KJ Yesudas KS Chithra Chorus mp3

Nertha Palunkin KG Markose KS Chithra mp3

Pathinettu Vasanthangal KJ Yesudas mp3 Bhasuram

Thottu Thodaatha KS Chithra mp3

bhasuram malayalam movie songs

Chaayamaay nin KJ Yesudas,KS Chithra.mp3 Chippi Poo KJ Yesudas,S Janaki.mp3 Iniyethra Vasanthangal KJ Yesudas,KS Chithra,Chorus .mp3 Nertha Palunkin KG Markose,KS Chithra .mp3 Pathinettu Vasanthangal KJ Yesudas .mp3 Thottu Thodaatha KS Chithra .mp3

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